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  • Performances & Workshops

    Bring Susie to your school for a day to remember!


    Susie delivers up to three large-scale interactive performances in one school day. To get the most out of a visit from Susie, many schools choose a combination of performance and workshops; starting the day with a performance in the school hall followed by focused workshops with smaller groups.


    Susie's workshops can be tailored for specific needs or curriculum requirements. She also has workshops on the themes of Telling Tales, Finding Your Voice, How To Write A Story, Resilience and Public Speaking, that can work for any age, stage or learning environment.


    According to our students Susie is “kind of awesome”, “has amazing expressions” and “makes myths and stories really fun and interesting”.


  • Her Repertoire of Stories

    Susie loves telling (but is not limited to) stories from these genres...

    Greek Myths

    Roman Myths

    Chinese folktales

    Russian Folktales

    African Wisdom Tales

    Iraqi Folktales

    Egyptian Myths

    European Fairytales

    & many more


    Susie's performance was lively and engaging, every child was enraptured by the presentation and was quickly involved with the process of learning about the story plot and characters.


  • Other Services

    There's plenty more Susie can do to help your school

    Commissions & Performances

    Susie can create a specialist performance to help a school begin a new topic or bring aspects of a subject to life in new and relevant ways.

    Teacher Support

    Helping teachers grow in their storytelling confidence and skillset through practical and empowering workshops.

  • You can also ask Susie about stories for art galleries, hospitals, libraries and private events. If there's an audience, she has a story for it!

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